The truthful child

This morning I took Jameson to school just like every day. Our conversation was as normal as could be. I started thinking about the rest of our day and asked him what he wanted for lunch. I then dropped into another question about what I should buy for lunch from the grocery store. Since I had to run out this morning anyway, I figured that he might think of something he had been craving. When the first couple of answers were fairly normal, “How about hot dogs?”, “How about chicken?”, I pushed a little further. I said, “Don’t you want something different? Is there something you really wish that we had at home?” A short pause followed. Then the silence was broken. “How about crab dad? That sounds nice.”

Crab. Yep, that would be my child. He couldn’t possibly think of all of the items that are in the $2.00lb range. Nope. He wants crab at $17.00 lb. What ever happened to Peanut butter and Jelly?

The moral of the story for other parents is this. Don’t ask your child questions unless you are really prepared for the answer.