More orchids for Glenn’s collection

The Franklin Park Conservatory had a retired plant sale today. Jameson and I decided to go for a drive to check it out. WOW, Absolutely crazy. The little atrium was packed with tropicals and orchids and the prices couldn’t have been better. The most expensive plant I saw was a palm that was in a 2 plus foot wide pot and must have been close to 10 feet tall. It was priced at $25.00.

Now I am not saying that I needed another orchid, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity. I only bought six orchids but I must admit that I would have bought 20 if I could imagine a home for them. We just don’t have the space. Well, actually we don’t have the space for the six that I bought. My six orchids cost me a total cost of $12.00 plus tax. I bought new pots for them when I got home and spent $10.00 on the pots and trays. So, for less than $25.00 I have some new friends.

I can’t tell you exactly what makes me like orchids so much. I suppose it is the extreme diversity. I seem to have the same problem with peppers. Here are a couple of pictures of my new little plants. By the way, they looked a lot smaller when I bought them as bare root plants. I was hoping to find a Vanda but they seemed to all be gone by the time I got there. It is probably for the best, they supposedly can get quite large. I would still like to get a Paphiopedilum, a Vanda, a Miltoniopsis and a Brassia or Brassavola. Something to look forward to. :)