Blog plans

pencilI feel like our little blog is floundering so… I decided to add a little more structure. I plan on posting based on categories in the future. My hope is that this will help me to post more useful information on a regular basis. These posts are generally going to be outside of the normal family notes. Just my ramblings.

Monday: Projects. I will post details on any of my little projects. You will likely find everything from home improvement ideas to kids crafts.

Wednesday: Geek speek. I will discuss software and technology.

Friday: Everything else. Cooking, opinions and anything else that doesn’t fit into a neat little category.

Family notes will be posted anytime that we have time.

I also am going to start making notes on my garden, sort of a daily journal. Due to the fact that I assume that this will bore everyone to tears, the posts will not appear on the front page of the blog. I will add a new menu item at the top that will access all of the garden notes.