Everyone welcome, Katherine Murray Schwamburger!

Katherine or Catherine, not really sure, my grandmother was Catherine but everyone always misspelled her name with a K, so I am guessing Katherine. You will have to ask Drew and Heather to be sure. One thing to be sure of is this kid is large. This little beauty topped the charts at apparently 8lbs 5oz and a little over 20 inches long

Yes, after an easy day of relaxing in the sun, Heather delivered a cute little bundle of joy. Well, ok, so maybe Heather remembers the day a little differently. Maybe it wasn’t sunny, or easy, or relaxing, but hey! this is my version of the story, relax.

Drew and Heather looked radiant with the newest addition to their family. Well, ok, so maybe, in truth, they both looked a little tired, but hey! they were up the whole night, what do you expect!?

I am sure that they will be a little more relaxed and up for visitors tomorrow. Please call or check in with someone else who has visited to make sure that they are indeed up for visitors before popping in to see them and “Kate”. Here are a few pictures from their day.