A couple of young orchids in bloom

I bought the Cattleya from Lowes in a bag about a year ago. They sell them unpotted for about $6.00. The Catasetum is from a group of orchids I bought in the dead of winter from a seller on EBay. The group of 10 orchids cost less than $10.00. While I don’t recommend buying orchids in winter… at least if you live in Ohio, I do recommend this seller.

Update: The Catasetum was sold in a group of Oncidiums, and was labeled as Liparis latifolia. It became clear when it bloomed that it was not a Liparis. Some helpful friends identified the orchid on the orchid forums at Gardenweb.org.

Check out, Royal Orchid Club

Pali Polka Dot, \'Nalo\'