Your Money – ‘Is My Money Safe?’

Just sharing a link discussing how to respond to the recent plunge on Wall Street. Pretty scary stuff. Just for the record, I am seriously disgusted with my fellow Republicans.

Lots of B.S. from the entire House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi gives me headaches. Whining Republicans, complaining about her speech. Are you serious? How old are you? Did you still cry when you don’t get your way. Tantrums from those people assigned to run our country. Great help. Thanks guys and gals.

And a note to John McCain, let Sarah be herself. You are setting her up for a cataclysmic failure during her debate. Debate camp at the McCain’s… yeah that should relax her. She is so likable because she is like the rest of us. She seems above the day to day Washington crap. Let her be herself and she will be fine. Stop answering her questions. She really can talk all by herself. You are portraying that you don’t trust her. Not a good way to win supporters.

Your Money – ‘Is My Money Safe?’ and Other Questions to Ask – Question –