The case of the flying moose

“Life is if nothing else, entertaining.

A couple of weeks ago I woke in the early morning hours from a dream. Immediately upon waking I had this feeling I should share my subconscious thoughts with my family and friends for its entertainment value alone. Since then, I have yet until now, taken the time to write down my dream. Today, I share my funny little mind.

The dream started with a few friends walking ahead of my cousin and I in a field. Brandon and I making small talk, looked back towards the woods that we had recently exited only to see a moose approaching. Now, if it was a normal moose, it wouldn’t be very exciting, but the moose in question was a flying moose. Complete with flexible antlers that waved back and forth as if motioning to his friends to join in a chant of joy. This apparently was enough to carry him swiftly across the field fairly high above Brandon’s and my head.

We turned to see where this flying moose was off to. Heading straight towards our group of friends, Brandon and I still showed nor felt any sign of concern. After all, it was a flying moose, how dangerous could it be?

The only two people in the group that I recognized were my niece Kate and my wife. Several other adults and children were in the group but their identity was unknown to me.

The moose descended onto to the group ahead of us, picking my wife from the herd of humanity. The moose started aggressively dragging my wife’s leather coat from her body. At this point, my cousin Brandon and I immediately ran to a tree in the middle of the field and climbed as high as we could. The moose having completed his mission with my wife, left her and the group shaken but unharmed and turned towards Brandon and I in the tree.

Once again, the moose with antlers flapping side to side, took to the air and flew quickly to our position in the tree. The moose repeated his previous attack on Brandon, tearing the leather jacket from his body. At this point, I am laughing hysterically and feel like I am quite safe since I was not wearing a jacket. However, I mistook the moose’s complete plan, he after removing Brandon’s jacket attacked my hiking boots with a vigor. Jaws and teeth like a horse, oscillated back and forth until my shoes were rendered from my feet. Complete, the moose flew off overhead back into the woods.

I awoke.

Now, amusing as this might be, it is quite troubling on a couple of accounts.

1. My niece is short of 6 months and not yet walking. She was however walking in my dream but appeared to be the same age. Anyway, even though, my helpless niece and wife were being pushed around by a flying moose, I decided to hide in a tree. I guess chivalry truly is dead.

2. Brandon and I chose to hide in a tree when threatened. Now, I wont comment on my cousins intellect, but I hid, in a tree, from a flying moose. Ummm, I cannot comment further.

In conclusion, Glenn the dream analyzer can suggest not to watch too many late night political interviews with Sarah Palin talking about living in Alaska, interspersed with Chick-fil-a commercials of parachuting cows.