Cheap gift cards to local restaurants

Several web sites are reporting a deal with to get gift cards to restaurants for $1.50 for a $25.00 gift certificate. Now that is a deal that even dad can appreciate. Here is the low down.

Go to fatwallet using the following link and click on the “$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $10”. coupons and cash back.

Just type in your zipcode or someone elses to find restaurants near you. Just click the add to cart button to purchase.

So far, you have a $25.00 gift certificate for $10.00.
Next, you type SURPRISE in the code box at the top right. This will give you an additional 80% off of the gift certificate.

Now, I know that you are saying, but Glenn, you said, $25.00 for $1.50 and my math is telling me that this costs $2.00. Yep, you are correct.

Fatwallet will give you an additional 50 cents off if you register on their web site. Because I am lazy, I just continued without registering by clicking the continue link in the bottom right. Either way, you get a great deal.

One final note, the coupon code Surprise ends tonight. This is a one day only deal. Happy shopping.