Ann, oh Ann, how you make me cringe

Ann Coulter, crazy woman.

Why is it that the Republicans have all of the crazy people? I suppose that isn’t true, but when you are a Republican, they seem to stand out. Ann Coulter’s entire persona seems to be based on being crazy and confrontational. Even when she has a point, she spits it out with such venom that no one would dare listen to her.

Sadly, I am sure that many people do listen to her. Her latest book blames almost all of the world’s problems on single mothers. Ann, how can you be serious?

Why is it that intelligent/crazy people want to blame a result instead of looking at a cause. As a parent, I would never ever encourage someone to be a parent alone. It is hard and trying with multiple adults, but I really doubt that many single mothers decided one day to get pregnant and raise a child on their own. For those women that did decide to raise children on their own, the vast majority of them I would venture have other resources and most of all money to help with the gaps in raising a child alone. For those women that did fall into a situation where they unexpectedly became single mothers, many manage to raise healthy happy children.

Sorry, Ann, but you’re nuts. And frankly, suggesting that all single mothers are democrats insults me. Although, if they get a taste of you, I wouldn’t blame them.