Annual update on MRH Technology Group

Another year, another missed opportunity to pay my back pay.

I’m not sure why I still expect Matt Hartman to do the right thing. I mean, why do I still believe that it is possible after 7 years?

I guess part of the reason, is that the company is still in business. They have managed to stay in business and recently moved into a new building. This doesn’t seem like a company suffering financially. So what motivation can Matt Hartman, or for that matter the MRH Technology Group have to not pay me?

More frustrating is my conversations with Matt. Constantly the salesman. Here is part of an email from early August of this year.

“We have been very blessed at MRH this year and I would expect to have all of the accrued payroll paid off by the end of the year. Actually, In our quarterly employee meeting last week I committed to doing so before any 4th quarter bonuses will be paid. Although I have hoped to be able to pay off the open balances in past years we have never been able to close out a year without having a few bad months that suck all of the extra cash before year end. In July we closed our largest client of record (700+ users) and their final software payment of over $200k will be due in December. As long as the payment comes through from them we should not have any problem cleaning up the old accrued payroll.

Feel free to stay in touch. I’ll be happy to provide you with updates as things progress through the fall.”

That sounds optimistic, but here we are a couple of days from the end of the year and my past two emails have gone without a response. Maybe, just maybe, he thought I sucked at my job and that I don’t deserve my back pay. Maybe he gets a kick out of getting me excited. And yet, here is another email fragment from Matt suggesting that I come interview for a job.

“Once summer is over we should get together. We just put on our 4th full time developer in July and if things continue to progress through the end of the year we may want to revisit whether or not there is a fit at MRH. Jason and I were just talking about you last week.”

Not that I ever want to work for the MRH Technology Group again, but that doesn’t sound like a company that was disappointed in my performance.

For less than $10,000 all of this could be cleaned up. Heck, that’s not even including interest. Seems like a small amount for a company that seems to be doing so well.

Stay tuned. There are still a couple of days left in 2009. LOL

Here is the original agreement from Matt Hartman in 2002.

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