Dr. Kimberly Cull suspended by medical board

Do you ever have those moments when you realize that you are indeed very blessed?

Dr. Cull was my wife’s physician and delivered both of our children. There were complications with Jameson’s birth but luckily both my wife and son were ok minus some bruising. In hindsight there were many people at the time questioning our choice in an Obstetrician. My wife had been with Dr. Cull for years and it just didn’t make sense for her to change based solely on rumor.

However, after our second child was born, the rumors became much louder and hard to ignore. She moved her practice more towards cosmetic procedures and at that time, my wife found a new Dr.

Now, here we are four years later and Dr. Cull has been suspended for drinking on the job as well as suggestions of drug use.

The full article is on the Columbus Dispatch web site.

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  1. shirrah moore September 14th, 2010

    WOW! This is nuts. Kim delivered 3 of my 5 children. Each pregnancy was really hard and each birth had several complications. With my second child I wanted to be induced 5 days before christmas instead of on my january 1 due date. I jokenly told kim if she did it I would buy her a 40. She said ok and my daughter was delievered on my chosen due date and I did follow through with buying her the 40. I feel awful that I did that now knowing that she is suspended. I do feel that she was a danger to patients and she definately had a drinking problem 11 years ago when she delievered my children. I knew she didnt practice at grady anymore and moved her office to Powell but I did not know why. When my 3rd child was born she didnt have a heart beat and had her cord so wrapped around her neck that she was black for the first week of life. All her newborn pictures show a severely bruised face and neck from the cord. I am lucky my children are alive.

  2. Bobbie Evans January 7th, 2011

    She did my abilation on Sept 25,2009. 2 hours late, now prepared, had me take 2 Dilaudid pain meds instead of 1 and tried to use the wrong needle when numbing me. My husband half carried me out of the office and that is about all I remember until late that night

  3. Greg Hitel February 12th, 2011

    DR. Cull delivered both of our boys in 2000 and 2001. Her ofice at the time was at Grady Memorial. But it was obvious Dr. Cull was losing her professioal ability and the staff got more unpleasent to deal with. Dr. Cull insisted that my wife only consider ceserian section delivery rather than vaginal birth. On our second child my wife was admitted for scheduled induced ceserian section birth at Saint Anns in Westerville. Dr Cull was nowhere to be seen as the staff began to prep for the procedure. D. Cull was notified and we were told she was on the way. Meanwhile our son slowly went into distress as he moved around and became breached to a point the baby was on its way. We waited almost 2 hours and the medical staff in the OB Ward showed obvious frustration with absense of Dr Cull. Our child then went into critical distress and warning lights and beeps sounded on the medical monitors. Our son’s heart beat was dropping. No Dr Cull in sight, so Staff went into emergency mode calling in Emergency medical staff. An emergency ceserian was being performed when they expedited the process as they discovered his cord wrapped around my son’ neck. Still, Dr Cull was nowhere to be seen 4 hrs after wife’s labor was induced at Saint Ann’s. Our follow up visits were diverted to her new office in Powell becaue her Delaware office closed. All those with patients with these kinds of malpractice stories should file suite and malpractice. Dr. Cull was a serious danger to patients and probably will get her medical license back and the community will be unaware. Heck, she’s probably in another state practicing.

  4. Glenn Welker February 12th, 2011

    We feel for you and had similar experiences. Both of our children were delivered at St Anns and it was obvious from the beginning that she wasn’t the staff’s favorite Dr. Our son, our first child was delivered vaginally barely. Because both my wife and I are tall, she suggested inducing 2 weeks early, but in the end it really made little difference. Our son was too big to be delivered safely vaginally and by the time, Dr. Cull and several other Drs managed to deliver him, he was badly bruised and I was white as a sheet. I truly thought that he was dead when they laid him on my wife’s chest. It wasn’t until the nurses asked me to come over that I realized that he was going to be OK. While both of our children are healthy, it is hard to look back and wonder how close we came to having a very different outcome.

  5. katrinarutherford@hotmail.com February 17th, 2011

    My mon and I have gone to Dr. Cull for years and we both thought she behaved very frantic and scatter brained at times. I was also mis-diagnosed by her once, only upon a second exam by her assistant was I properly diagnosed. I clearly need to find a new obgyn, seeing as my prescriptions are no longer being refilled and sent to the pharmacy with no warning at all….but I want my medical records from the office, and have no way of getting a hold of anyone, the phone is disconnected! This is turning into the most unproffesuional experience I’ve ever encountered! How can I get my personal info back?

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