Seed Savers Exchange Request Form in Excel Format

Pretty much self explanatory. If you belong to the Seed Savers Exchange, you are urged to use printed forms from the back of the yearbook to make your requests. I created an Excel document from the information in the seed request pages because, it is sort of a nuisance and wanted to save my requests from year to year.

I make no guarantees that this is exactly what is presented in the back of the yearbook. I quickly modified the version from last year, so hopefully, I have changed the page numbers etc., to be relevant to the 2010 yearbook.

To use the form, just download it from below and then modify the two areas highlighted in the photo that require personal information. As a sidenote, if you do not have Microsoft Excel, you can open the document with Open Office.

The first area, requires your member code(if you have one) and the second requires your mailing address.

Hope this is helpful and I hope that everyone has a great season.

UPDATE: Link has been deleted. Sorry. This post created a lot of controversy at The Seed Savers Exchange. They have added a similar form within the online yearbook. You must be a member to log into the yearbook.