Leaving Seed Savers? Maybe Not Yet

OK. I know. I just told the whole world that I wasn’t renewing my membership with the Seed Savers Exchange this year. Well, that may not be true…

Maybe I’m a sucker for personal communication. Maybe, I truly believe that Someone or Something needs to fill this need.

Whatever it is, I will probably renew my membership for another year. This isn’t charity folks. I have been tormented by my decision since I made it. Then yesterday I got a phone call. Hmm.

The acting director of the Seed Savers Exchange, Mr. John Torgrimson called me to address several of my concerns that I had mentioned in my last post. Should I believe him? I don’t know, but he did take the time out of his day to call me personally. He did address several of my concerns directly. What else could I want?

Some of his comments:

  1. I had major concerns about the pricing structure. He confirmed that pricing this year is being set as “suggested” pricing. This has always been the case for some members, but it has always been necessary to put this information in your bio. Last year, I had problems with my bio getting truncated by the new web site. Hopefully, this year I will be more careful to review all of the information that I put in the Yearbook through the web site.
  2. Too many changes in the Director position. He stressed that Aaron Whaley and George DeVault both left for personal reasons and not due to internal politics
  3. I wanted out reach programs or more education options. They have recently hired an education manager and are exploring options for more regional programs.
  4. My concerns about the organization being out of touch with its members. The fact that he called me personally states a lot about their concern for their members. They also recently hired a membership manager to hopefully help with membership problems.