Handy Sight Word / High Frequency Word Lists

Our kids are at that age where learning to read involves learning common words. These common words are often called sight words or high frequency words. You can readily buy flash cards but I decided to make my own. Below are links to 8 different documents with common words increasing in difficulty. The documents are formatted to print labels on Avery 8066 labels. Just stick them to blank index cards and you are done. You might want to write the number of the list in the corner of the cards to keep the flash cards separate.

PDF Files
high-1, high-2, high-3, high-4, high-5, high-6, high-7, high-8

Word Files
high-1, high-2, high-3, high-4, high-5, high-6, high-7, high-8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
a eat this has than think turn try
I an that two put great away kind
the look when more their these begin hand
is come there way where help every book
it here get first would much don’t never
in of got who time before run animal
to was why call many line car house
go are what lkittle only right let letter
can for as give long old girl tree
at his did take use any were found
see be so down know same stop still
like have some day may tell again people
and or out find part boy took should
my had now came set ask until point
up but play could live show end oil
me not how make back also does talk
she all if other most around another write
no will big about after three well along
we do off good thing mother must always
on your then too out made even soon
he one them each just because such almost
am went saw over name us men above
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said from into want say keep home walk