In Defense of the Hunter, Even if She is Sarah Palin

Aaron Sorkin wrote an article on the Huffington Post titled, “In Her Defense, I’m Sure the Moose Had It Coming”. I don’t normally get offended by left wing rants but,this article is nothing more than an excuse for Mr. Sorkin to comment on his hate for Sarah Palin.

I don’t necessarily care what Mrs. Palin does, nor do I believe that she is electable. She suffers from the same problem as most politicians; a need to point out everyone else’s faults rather than lead on her principles. Americans really aren’t that stupid. Mr. Obama suffers from the same problem. Even after a couple of years, he is quick to place the blame on George Bush. Just how long can this continue before he takes responsibility for what happens during his tenure.

There are tens of thousands of haters in the world. Does Mr. Sorkin really need to play this card for a laugh? While railing on Sarah Palin, Aaron Sorkin does a fantastic job of telling every hunter or meat processor that they are idiots. He argues that Sarah killed a Moose on her Learning Channel series: Palin’s Alaska only to win voters. Apparently this was a political move. I don’t argue that the show was a big part of the hunt. However, the hunt itself still is a normal part of life for many people who live in Alaska and other rural areas.

What Mr. Sorkin doesn’t get it is that Americans are completely desensitized to our food processing. All of our meat comes wrapped up in cute little containers that doesn’t usually resemble anything like an animal. The bottom line is someone has to kill those animals for you to eat them. We all pay for little hit men to take care of the dirty work so we don’t get our hands dirty. The hunters left in America are fully aware of the consequences when they kill an animal. They are directly tied to its life. They are on the front lines of conservation efforts to ensure that these beautiful animals are around for future generations.

Coming from a family with several vegetarians, I am proud of the fact that they chose a path that matches their distaste for animals being killed. Sarah was right, even if her comment was premature. If you are using products that come from animals, then at least educate yourself on how those products get to you.

Mr. Sorkin you are no different than Sarah Palin. By offering this profanity, hate filled article, you, yourself have become the hater.

In Her Defense, I’m Sure the Moose Had It Coming by Aaron Sorkin

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