Amazon Allows You To Loan Your Kindle Books

Quietly, without fanfare, Amazon unveiled the ability to loan your Kindle books for 14 days. Not all books can be loaned but loaning your previously purchased books couldn’t be easier. Just simply navigate to the products page and click the “loan this book” button. It shows up where you would normally see a purchase button.

As stated earlier, not all books can be loaned, but you can check whether the book can be loaned before purchasing, by looking in the product details section. It lists a lending attribute and will state whether lending is enabled.

Lastly, this is truly great because of all of the different Kindle readers. You need not have a Kindle to read a loaned book, just any device that supports one of the Kindle reader applications.

Full details on the loaning process can be found on Amazon’s web site. Lending your Kindle Books.