Favorite Seed Catalog of 2011, John Scheepers

We receive tons of seed catalogs each spring. We receive the same catalogs each year with a few exceptions. This year, we received a catalog called John Scheepers, Kitchen Garden Seeds. They are new to us, but not a new company. They have been in business over 100 years.

What interested us the most were seeds to vegetables that you almost never see in seed form. We have grown things like Lemon Grass in the past but had to buy it as a small plant. This might not be a big deal as it gives you a jump on the growing season. However, it is always coupled with higher costs. Many vegetables, herbs, and flowers are very hard to grow from seed. This is another reason why seed companies choose to only ship plants, saving themselves the frustration of supporting customers who failed to get their seeds to germinate.

If you are interested in unusual seeds, this is your catalog. This year we purchased seed for Rhubarb, Lemon Grass and Shiso among other things. Their catalog is simple and without color photographs. Colored illustrations accompany most listings along with helpful information such as the average seed life. Wonderful information for a rabid seed saver such as myself.

Take a look at their offerings, you wont be disappointed.