Ingredients: Sriracha: New Book, The Sriracha Cookbook

We love spicy food. No really, I put hot sauce on everything. My daughter thinks that ketchup should be put on everything, including absolutely original items such as pears (yuck). I want the hot stuff. One of our staple hot sauces is Sriracha. It is readily available even at our local grocery stores. I love our local asian grocery store and tend to pick up a few bottles when I get a chance to shop.

The food blog Serious Eats is covering a new cookbook, “The Sriracha Cookbook” under their Cook The Book series. I love this series of articles. They take a cookbook and will cook 5 of the recipes from the book and post the recipes online. It gives you a great deal of information on the book in short yummy bites. They also give you the chance to win one of five copies by simply posting a comment to the article.

Our favorite use for the condiment with the rooster on the bottle is to simply mix it with a little soy sauce to use as a dipping sauce. So good. Check out the article at Serious Eats and give the book a look. The small book with 50 recipes from Ten Speed Press is eliciting rave reviews on Amazon, The Sriracha Cookbook: 50 .

The Columbus Public Library currently owns 9 titles of this book.

Add your own comment here to Cook the Book: ‘The Sriracha Cookbook’ for your chance to win a book.