Best Deals On Grocery Staples in Central Ohio, Week of February 28th

Not terribly impressed with sales this week. Meijer has their 10 for $10 get the 11th item free deal running. Easy to mix and match. Please leave comments to let us know how we can make our weekly deals better. Have a staple that isn’t listed? Let us know.

Have a great week.

Item Type Store Price
Milk Gallon Walgreens $1.99
Pork Sirloin Roast Kroger $1.79
Beef Chuckeye Roast Meijer $2.99
Chicken Boneless Breasts lb Meijer $1.99
Bread Aunt Millie’s Meijer $1.00
Bread Kroger Kroger $1.00
Laundry Detergent All 2x 50oz Meijer $4.00