CrossFit, Running, My Quest For Super Health Week 11 & 12

Not much need for a play by play. The truth is that I did very little traditional training over the past two weeks. My family took a vacation to the Outer Banks and between the actual vacation and the preparations leading up to the vacation, little time was left for the gym.

The bad; I drank more alcohol than normal. Something about sitting on a deck in the sun screams “give me a cold beer”. I also could have made better choices for meals. While we did eat out a few times, we ate most of our meals in our unit which certainly cut down on bad choices at meal time.

The good news, is that I was pretty active both weeks even though I wasn’t in a gym. I managed to run at least 2 miles 3 times a week both weeks. I also played tennis the the family on multiple days. Not truly taxing considering playing with a 7 and 5 year old but better than sitting on the couch. I also went hang gliding on 2 days. The hang gliding doesn’t provide much of a workout but climbing the 70 foot tall dunes definitely will put the hurt on after a couple of hours.

This coming week should be better now that we are back at home and in our normal routine. Hope everyone is having a great early spring.