St. Bernadette, A Life And After To Make a Person Pause

Even if you aren’t religious per-say, St. Bernadette is truly interesting to read about. St. Bernadette’s body is still virtually unchanged after 132 years. The first hand accounts are convincing even without the knowledge that she is on display in a crystal coffin everyday. You could indeed go see for yourself.

Perfectly mummified even though every indicator suggests that she should have decomposed a century ago. She was exhumed 3 separate times and the results were the same every time. Unbelievably intact, very small changes, unaccountable state. All sworn statements make you wonder how she has basically remained unchanged since the day she died. The smell? None, unless you can account for the scent of flowers.

St. Bernadette had 17 separate encounters with the Virgin Mary appearing to her. One of which told her to dig in the dirt and a spring began to flow. The spring continued to flow and is the source of many miracles.

Her last miracle may indeed be the unusual circumstances surrounding her body’s condition in over a century since her death.

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Present day picture of St. Bernadette.