Warrior Dash, Final Push Week 3




Interval runs

1 mile warmup

4 x 800m, 3 minute rest

1 mile cool down

Runs went ok considering a rolling route. Still quite slow but I keep telling myself to run within my limits. Pushing myself too hard is EASY for me to tell. With my paralyzed vocal chord I will immediately not be able to keep my throat open at too high of a rate. At a moderate pace, I can concentrate on letting my lungs pull in air which in turn relaxes my throat. At too fast of a pace I am unable to relax enough to keep my airway fully open.

Intervals were 8:03, 7:40, 7:56, 8:13.


5 rounds x 3
Push Jerk

Rest 5 minutes

15, 12, 9 , 12, 15
Sumo deadlift high row 95lbs
Wallball 20lb

Push Jerk rounds went better than I expected. I haven’t really worked on these but I managed to set a PR at 185lbs for my last set. I am confident that I could lift more with better form.

115, 135, 155, 175,  185(1)

The deadlifts and wallball were painful and I was absolutely spent at the end even though I had to rest in between many of the exercises. I subbed thrusters for wallballs.


Planned 3 mile run. Temperature was in the mid 80s before I hit the road and I felt like I was melting early in the run. I also picked a new route which about half way through my run ran out of sidewalk. Rather than venture onto the berm of a 4 lane highway, I ran into a school yard which was the general direction I wanted to go. After cutting through a couple of yards, I was back on my route. Sadly, I only managed about 2.5 miles before I ran out of road once again.

The thing that really stuck out about this run was how hot I was. The Warrior Dash is in early June and my time slot is 1:30pm. What was I thinking?




Race for the Cure

Just a fun family 5k walk. I didn’t think that it would be a big deal to walk, but I carried both of my children on an off, on my shoulders. That really put a hurt on my mid-back by the next day.