From Warrior Dash To The Columbus Half Marathon

The Warrior Dash is this weekend. Exciting!

Much of the focus of my spring training has been the Warrior Dash. I wanted to be able to run more independently than I have in the past and I wanted to change up my workouts. Finding CrossFit has been an absolute blast but I have tried to keep running at least 50% of my workouts for the week. This hasn’t always happened as I got caught up in a new WOD or family obligations pulled me away. In the end I am becoming more confident in my running and I am probably close to the best shape of my life.

What happens after the Warrior Dash? That was the question of the week. It is always nice having some type of goal to keep workouts more interesting. This is especially true for running. I am not an especially strong runner. I am an adequate jogger that thinks maybe he can become a runner. It may seem strange to pick something truly hard for a goal, but I believe that I can see the largest possible gains with running. So after a couple of 5K races, I have decided that a half marathon will do the trick.

To date, I have never run or jogged more than 7 miles. My fastest 5K is right at 27 minutes and as mentioned before I have a paralyzed vocal chord. This has the cool effect of making me sound like a wheezing train even at slow paces but more importantly I experience shortness of breath under exertion. Makes any sport interesting but running is where it really can put a hurt on my performance.

I have almost 18 weeks before the Columbus Marathon so I have plenty of time to train. Training during the heat of summer isn’t especially appetizing but it is, what it is.

My Goals:

  • Finish
  • Finish without walking
  • Average a 10 minute pace or better

Anyone want to join me?