Tough Mudder… You must be kidding

A friend approached me recently about running the Tough Mudder. I have been wanting to run this event for over a year but have talked myself out of it. When he asked about forming a team I thought about it again. Truth is that the event is way at the outside of my physical abilities. But, like all good friends he assures me that this isn’t a race as much as an event. So, against my better judgement, I agreed.

Now here is the real problem. The event is 12 miles of running with too many obstacles to count. The last time I ran was the half marathon last November. I was in marginal shape when I ran that event and felt like I should have trained way more than I did. Now, I am way over weight and seriously out of condition. So, what’s my plan? Run, run, and run some more.

Today I ran, sort of. Truth is that is was walking and jogging and I only made it a single mile. Wow. How far I have fallen. I did run however and that is far more than I have done in the past 9 months. I also have been working on a simple home gym. I don’t really believe that I can get back in shape without other activity. Over the next few months I will chronicle my progress and even have some postsĀ  planned on DIY home gym equipment. I hope that you will come back to read about the shrinking man.

My starting weight is 243lbs. Ouch.