The Welker Family… or More Specifically Glenn’s Ramblings

Our little blog is a home for all of our outrageous opinions, news and interesting projects.

As you may have noticed, we have a soft spot for anything that grows, health, outdoor activities, DIY Culture and cooking… well there are other things, but you really don’t want us to list all of them do you?

Glenn owns a company called the Leprechaun Works, LLC. Why on earth did he call it that? Because he’s a freak, that’s why! Seriously though, the boy has an obsession with anything Irish or Scottish. Grandparents and great Grandparents from both countries apparently has warped the boy. If you see someone in Columbus wearing a kilt, it may be Glenn.

So, does Glenn spend all of his time, chasing the company? Not a chance. We love his little baby, but he spends lots of time at home with the kids and dog. You’ll probably run across some of his diversions on this site. Glenn’s wife is a school teacher (and in his opinion a damn good one). Our obsession with education most likely will pop up here and there.

We’re just another family trying to balance work, family and the joy of life. Find some time to laugh today and we hope you enjoy our little blog.