7 Week Weight Lifting Routine

This workout is from Drew Schwamburger. Apparently this dates back to his high school days and might have come from the Ohio State Buckeyes training program. This workout is based on a one rep max and is primarily focused on major exercises.

To clarify, we have only used this workout for Bench Press and Squats. I assume that you could apply it to any body part but we have not done this to date. You also need to establish your one rep max. This is simply the most weight you can lift once. A word of warning, don’t rush into the gym and try to throw 315 on the rack and go at it. Try one or two reps at lower weights gradually increasing the weight until you can’t lift anymore, but you successfully lifted a previous weight one time. The successful lift is now your one rep max.

Just enter your one rep max into the box below and click the button. It will calculate a seven week program based on this data. Have fun and be safe.