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If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it as well. Like, I have mentioned multiple times on our family blog, The MRH Technology Group in Findlay, Ohio failed to meet payroll in late 2002. The employees at the time all agreed to an offer by Matt Hartman to take this […]

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Another year, another missed opportunity to pay my back pay.

I’m not sure why I still expect Matt Hartman to do the right thing. I mean, why do I still believe that it is possible after 7 years?

I guess part of the reason, is that the company is still in business. They have managed to stay in business and recently moved into a new building. This doesn’t seem like a company suffering financially. So what motivation can Matt Hartman, or for that matter the MRH Technology Group have to not pay me?

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Lifehacker has an article pointing out a new browser comparison chart that is decidedly bent towards IE8. This isn’t surprising considering that Microsoft released the comparison chart.

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