We’ve made it through another Christmas

Wow. What a crazy holiday!

We spent the morning of Christmas Eve visiting Barb Stoltz on our way to another morning brunch with the Waldrons and Rabbys. After morning brunch we ran home to take naps before our evening with the Laaksonens. Dinner at the Laaksonens was fantastic. Renee made a turkey that would have made any mother smile. Absolutely fantastic. Of course we had enough food for several families. Santa obviously didn’t have any problem locating us at the Laaksonens. The floor was littered with toys, games, and food. And I thought the kids were a little naughty… Tells you what I know.

Late morning we packed up once again for the Welkers in the great north. We drove into Plymouth around 1:00 giving us time to visit with grandma and grandpa before the whole family strolled in. We had a great night once again and bellys were full to the brim. Mike and Drew had to run back to Columbus to work the next day but the rest of the family spent the night. The next day we got back to Columbus in the early afternoon happy to see our home. Mom and dad decided to drive Kathy and the kids back to Columbus so we decided that we should really get together for another dinner.

Grandma and Grandpa gave out some more interesting gifts leaving all of us a little speechless.

Thursday I checked in with mom and dad only to find out that dad was having fun without me. A broken faucet in their bath required my immediate attention. Super boy to the rescue… Well, truth be told, my father insisted that he was capable of enjoying the repairs all by himself but, me being the good father decided to go to Plymouth to get in the way, after my son insisted that there were trees that needed knocked down at Grandma and Grandpas. So after lots of fun with grandpa and grandma we came home on Friday morning to go shopping and have lunch with Steve, Marcia and their little man Grady.

That evening we hosted Dave, Renee and Mitch for another wonderful dinner that Renee had whipped together with turkey leftovers.

Saturday, we headed north again for the annual Murray party. This too was a wonderful time. Conversations were bright and the kids are all growing up so fast. I have to admit that some of the kids are probably getting to the point where they would prefer that I didn’t refer to them as kids anymore. But alas I cannot help myself. We got back to Columbus about 7 to find one very hungry dog that was happy to see us.

That has finally brought us to today. Not wanting to sit for long, we have put away all of the indoor holiday decorations. We normally would like them up through the new year but are hoping to run away for a night with the McQuates. Nothing crazy just a night at a hotel with a pool so the kids can escape winter for a few minutes.

Happy Holidays. Be safe.