Parents, be careful what you say…

Last night, I started arguing with my daughter. She had decided that for the 100th night, she should sleep on the floor in mom and dad’s bedroom, rather than sleep in her own bedroom. Now, this just seems crazy to me. Sleep on a bed, or sleep on the hard floor, but for Hatteras, there was never any doubt where she wanted to sleep.

Jameson and I had just got him settled in his bed when this little battle of the minds started taking place. I heard his door open, about midway through my rant. “Hatteras, I am sick of this. Here is the deal, since you no longer listen to me, we are going to start a trade. Every time you choose to not listen, I am going to take a toy from your room. It’s your choice, you can decide what you want to lose.”

I, then frustrated, headed back to our bedroom with my tail between my legs, as my daughter crying followed me to our bedroom. A minute or two later, my son came in dragging his own sleeping bag and pillow. He also had a cd in his hand. “Dad, I don’t need this anymore”. He then proceeded to lay his sleeping bag out as I started laughing. In hearing the exchange between Hatteras and myself, he decided that he had lots of things to get rid of from his room. After all, I did say that she could choose and he assumed that he could as well.

In the end I had two children in our bedroom instead of one but Deb and I were laughing so hard that we really didn’t care.