Trusting metrics from software producers

Lifehacker has an article pointing out a new browser comparison chart that is decidedly bent towards IE8. This isn’t surprising considering that Microsoft released the comparison chart.

I previously posted on a comparison chart for CRM software for MRH Technology Group and their software Tour de Force. While I poked fun at the fact that they didn’t list any of their competitors, they might have had the right idea. By listing their competitors, they either would have needed to only list categories that they thought they could easily come out on top, or find ways to manipulate results to suggest that they product was still superior even if other products came out on top in other categories.

The browser comparison from IE 8 is laughable and if you notice, Microsoft has taken notice and changed the chart since Lifehacker reported on it. The one I found most laughable, was the developer tools category. Now I realize most people don’t develop web applications, but those that do rely heavily on Firebug. Internet Explorer has the IE developer toolbar which is pathetic in comparison.

Have a look at their chart, but take the results with a grain of salt… I guess that applies to any manufacturer that creates their own comparison chart.