Well, I’ll be. MRH Technology Group pays back pay

If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it as well.

Like, I have mentioned multiple times on our family blog, The MRH Technology Group in Findlay, Ohio failed to meet payroll in late 2002. The employees at the time all agreed to an offer by Matt Hartman to take this as deferred compensation to be paid at a later date. I have to admit, that in 2002, I thought that meant a couple of months.

The company would always seem to gain momentum followed immediately but some major setback. So years passed as the employees quietly joked and laughed about our so called deferred compensation. I ended up leaving the company in the fall of 2006 figuring that some type of separation agreement could be established to pay the payroll at that time. No dice. Matt Hartman was adamant that ALL employees would be paid at the same time.

To say the least, I figured this was the end of the story. Out of sight, Out of mind. Matt and I rarely saw eye to eye on topics. If I said white, he demanded black. It was just the way our relationship worked. I was his counterpoint. I doubted that Matt would see a need to pay me when you could take care of the present employees. I also assumed that because of our relationship, that he may take some pleasure in not paying me.

But, here we are. A little over seven years after the missed payroll. A phone call and a check that followed. Matt and the MRH Technology Group made good on their promise. I apologize to Matt for not trusting him, but I’m sure he understands my frustration considering the time frame (I wish the agreement had a clause for interest :) )

The MRH Technology Group seems to be doing well indeed. Besides from being able to pay this back pay, the company has recently moved into a new building. Good luck and thanks for the check.