Solutions for Tall People: Wagon Handle Extension

Although, I don’t think of myself as freakishly tall, I do realize that I am not average height. I am 6′ 6″ and that provides more than a few irritations. The simple truth is that most things don’t fit a body of this size. Lately, we have been using our wagon a lot and I got sick of the wagon wheels running up the back of my leg because of my long strides.

Solution: Rope extension handle


  1. Allows me to walk with a normal stride
  2. Allows your wrist to rotate in a more normal position


  1. Doesn’t work going downhill. This didn’t prove to be a problem for me, because most of the time, your strides are shorter going downhill than moving uphill.


  1. a piece of rope approximately 3 feet long
  2. a piece of PVC, approximately 4 inches long


  1. Drill two small holes at each end of your PVC. The holes should be in from the ends slightly and large enough for your rope to pass through.
  2. Pass each end of the rope through the holes and make a knot. I prefer looping the tag end of the rope through the loop twice instead of the usual single wrap. This knot is called a double overhand knot. This creates a knot with a flatter bottom that will sit nicely against the PVC.
  3. Lastly, make a larks head knot to attach your new handle to your wagon. Look at photos below to see how a lark’s head knot is formed.