Send To Kindle, Read Web Sites Offline, Chrome Extension

The Leprechaun Works web site, recently listed a few reasons why you might want to start using Google Chrome. We have an additional reason, your Kindle.

A Chrome extension called Send to Kindle, will strip text from any web page and send it to your Kindle. This works by sending the content to your Amazon Kindle email address. There are no fees associated with sending content via Wi-Fi. There are however per megabyte charges if you send documents using your 3G service. You can find your Amazon Kindle’s email address on Amazon’s your account > manage your Kindle.

Simply type this address into the settings in the extensions options. Clicking the checkmark button, will convert the page removing all images for easy reading. It then gives you a preview with a send button. Click the send button and you are done. Make sure that your Kindle is on and your Wi-Fi is enabled to receive your documents.

You can find the Send to Kindle extension in the Google Chrome Web Store, here.