Komen Columbus and My Pledge To Walk Again

This year has been a little rocky for the Komen foundation and in my mind rightly so. I’m not a religious fanatic, but I lean strongly in the pro-life direction. I have never been against providing adequate access for women’s health screenings, but I do have questions when it comes to providing funds for abortions.

So here we are; Komen on a national level played hop-scotch with their funding of Planned Parenthood. I was happy when they pulled their funding and disappointed when they decided to fall back on their original position.

Please don’t misunderstand, I am 1000% in favor of providing adequate resources for women to be screened for breast cancer, but Planned Parenthood has a history of providing far more than well checks for women. This is where the water muddies.

I just want to provide funding for cancer research, specifically breast cancer research. I lost my mother-in-law to the disease and I can only dream of a day when we will see an end to this disease.  So what I am going to do?

This year I am still going to participate in the Race for the Cure and here are my reasons. 1st, the monies raised in Columbus stay in Columbus… for the most part. 75% of the funding stays in Columbus. The remaining 25% funds the national organization. 2nd, Komen Columbus has never funded Planned Parenthood as they don’t provide mammograms or other screenings for breast cancer. It comes down to trying to make the best decision I can. I don’t like the decision that the national organization has made. However, I’m hoping that my money is going to help save lives instead of taking them.